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Your Pet needs hugs on the inside too

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Is your dog nutrient deficient? 

Most pets do lack the proper nutrition they need but the symptoms go unseen. Our Dog Health Kit is here to change that.

Our risk-free Dog Health Kit includes everything you need to get your pet started on the right paw.

"I can't say enough good things about Agatha's products. My baby girl will definitely be on this for her entire life."

- Karen

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life extension for your furry friend

Many happy pets are quietly developing problems that will slow them down, cripple them, or even shorten their lives.

We know how it feels to watch a beloved pet suffer.

After 30 years of watching the accepted forms of dog nutrition fail, something had to be done.

Now you too can ensure your pup gets the probiotic support, nutrient density, and the necessary immune reinforcements to fight the toxins in his environment that so many others have missed.

What others have to say

"I'm now on my second order of Advanced Probiotic and I have to say it really works! I started my puppy on this at 2 months of age for no other reason then I wanted her to be as healthy as possible. Much to my surprise her eyes stopped tearing and the matting under the eyes has all but gone away. Her coat is beautiful and she is full of healthy energy."

- Jill

"Love this product my little shih tzu eats much better since I introduced it to her diet. I also used it on my past shih tzu who was battling cancer. After surgery, this product was amazing in her recovery and it helped her enjoy her last months, keep up the good work!"

- Marina O'hara

"When I used this luxurious dog shampoo for the first time recently, it was so exquisite, I was actually quite jealous and nearly jumped in the tub with my doggie. The aroma was deliciously fragrant and the lather perfectly effortless to work."

-Mrs. Brad